• Unified  RF safety training system for workers, building owners and wireless operators
  • Designed for technical and non-technical individuals
  • Provide 2-tiered safety approach: general RF awareness and site-specific training
  • Earn RF awareness training certificate
  • Inform individuals of the potential danger of invisible RF radiation
  • View sites in 3D model showing invisible RF HotZones (restricted areas)
  • Video tours of site-specific RF HotZones
  • Provide photo gallery of antennas and potential hazardous working areas
  • View or download RF safety maps on mobile devices

The world is quickly becoming wireless. As a result, Radio Frequency (“RF”) Radiation is all around us.

RF radiation is odorless, invisible and cannot be detectable by the senses alone. Like a microwave oven heating food, the wireless industry utilizes antennas that emit similar energy that could cause the human body to heat up excessively. This could pose a serious safety hazard if individuals working in RF environments are not properly trained. Are you safe?

What is RF radiation? Where is it?  What do you need to look for?  How can you protect yourself?  Subscribe today and protect yourself by becoming trained, educated and aware of the unknown danger.

To support the explosive growth of the wireless industry, there are hundreds of thousands of sites located on building rooftops, stadiums, light poles, water tanks etc. The wireless operators generally do not own the buildings and structures that support their antennas and subsequently do not have control over site access or control over whether personnel have been properly trained or made fully aware for the potential RF exposure. Based on FCC guidelines, such persons must receive written and/or verbal information regarding safe practices in and around antennas. RF safety awareness training is the single most important aspect of controlling hazardous exposure to RF emissions.  RF signage alone is not sufficient. Ideally, persons should be trained prior to being permitted to access the facility. This could only be achieved through a uniform site management and training system - AntennaView ®