Workers and Individuals

workers and individuals

  • Protect yourself from the invisible danger of RF radiation.
  • Empower yourself to demand a safe working environment.
  • Quickly learn about the potential dangers and safety procedures.
  • Receive certificate of RF safety awareness training.
  • View site-specific safe and unsafe locations (RF HotZones).
  • Tour sites with 3D animations showing invisible RF HotZones.
  • Educate yourself with site photographs of radiation sources.
  • Download the updated RF HotZones or Safety Map on mobile devices.
  • 24/7 availability with real time access.

Subscribe today and protect yourself by becoming trained, educated and aware of the potential danger.  AntennaView® will guide you through a two-tiered approach to becoming safe.  First, we will take you through an easy-to-understand RF awareness training that covers the following topics:

  1. Antennas and EME
  2. Symptoms and Effects
  3. Guidelines and Regulations

After completion of the three training sections, you will take a short exam. Upon passing the exam, we will furnish a certificate of RF awareness training that will be valid for one year.  Once you are RF certified, you will be granted access to the second tier, our site-specific portal where you will be able to:

  1. Search and access site-specific, buildings and facilities in 3D where wireless antennas are active.
  2. View site photographs so you know where the antennas are, and what they look like before you arrive.
  3. Learn where the site-specific safe and unsafe areas are (HotZones).
  4. Download the most current RF HotZones or site safety map to your computer or mobile device.

Note: If a particular building is not available in the site-specific portal, please inquire with the facility owner, manager or wireless operator and refer them to our services.  We aim to grow our database rapidly and provide more intuitive and detailed safety solutions. Regardless, with our RF awareness training, you will be armed and empowered to ask intelligent and relevant questions.  Subscribe today.